Upon adoption, all kittens will be spayed/neutered, microchipped, tested for FIV/FeLV, and will be vaccinated for approximately one year. There is a $50 deposit due upon approval of your application, which will go towards the $135 adoption fee and reserves the desired kitten. Please allow the board 72 business hours to review the application and conduct a vet-check.

All current pets MUST BE spayed/neutered and current on the following vaccinations:
Dogs: Rabies, Distemper/Parvo; Dogs must have a NEGATIVE heartworm test on file and be current on heartworm prevention.
Cats: Rabies, FVRCP; Cats must also have a NEGATIVE Feline Leukemia/AIDS test on file.

Once we contact you regarding your application approval, you have 24 hours to pay your kitten’s deposit before we move on to the next applicant.


Fosters must understand that animals are assigned to foster homes based on that animal’s specific needs and the foster’s experience. While we try to accommodate requests, fosters do not get to pick and choose which animals they would like to foster.

All current pets MUST BE meet adoption requirements.

SKR provides all medical care for animals in our organization. We make our best effort to give foster’s 48 hours notice before their foster kitten’s vet appointments. 

We are also able to provide supplies to foster parents including litter, one litter scoop, litter box(s), food/water bowls, and sometimes have non necessity items donated that can be distributed  (such as cat beds, scratching posts, and toys). 


Barn cats are available as we are able to TNR feral cats. Those who request barn cats must understand that there is no guarantee that the cats will stick around, there is no way to ensure they will be getting females or males, or the color of their choosing. They must also agree to go through the provided adjustment protocol to increase the chances of the cats remaining on their property.

All barn cats are spayed/neutered, FIV/FeLV negative, rabies vaccinated, and ear tipped prior to relocation. 

Required donation for barn cats is $50 per one cat, or $125 for three.