If you’re in the area and looking for a new feline family member, please check out Six Kittens Rescue. They are a small, volunteer-run organization that specializes in neonatal kitten care; many of the kittens they pick up are in dire need of medical attention and would not have survived without their intervention. This is in addition to the great work they are doing with their TNR program for adult ferals. The family members we have adopted from them have brought a lot of love, joy, and laughter to our house (along with a good dose of mischief) and we can’t thank them enough for their trust in us.
Christine H.
We began our SKR experience as fosters and did a foster to adopt agreement with the rescue. From start to finish we felt supported and cared for, and will always value our place as SKR alumnus. Mallori and Jai go the extra mile for every cat, kitten, inquiry, adopter, foster and donor. We love our SKR kitten (now fat spoiled teenage woman cat) and are so thankful for Six Kittens Rescue!
Kelley G.