We are always looking for qualified foster homes to join our team. Six Kittens Rescue supplies all necessary medical services, as well as any needed supplies for foster families. All we ask is that you open your heart and home to kittens in need.

Fosters must understand that animals are assigned to foster homes based on the animals’ specific needs and the foster’s experience. While we try to accommodate requests, fosters do not get to pick and choose which animals they would like to foster.

All current pets MUST BE meet adoption requirements and have a reliable method of transportation.

   If you have been following us since the beginning, you may remember Jupiter. She was a tiny little kitten with deformed front legs that almost froze to death. One of our founders, Mallori, fought HARD to keep her alive for those touch-and-go first 24 hours. After she was stable, she was transferred to Abby, one of our board members with immense veterinary knowledge. At Abby’s home, Jupiter was LOVED immensely and became Abby and Family’s first “foster fail”. Unfortunately, Jupiter had medical problem after medical problem. The decision was ultimately made to let her go peacefully from her suffering. Jupiter’s family opted for a necropsy, which is the same thing as an autopsy in humans. Upon examination, doctors were able to determine that Jupiter was suffering from the dry form of FIP.
   We are wanting to compile data to benefit FIP research, starting with our own kitties. If you have previously adopted from us and your cat was diagnosed or suspected to have FIP, please fill out the following form. If you have a cat that was diagnosed with or suspected to have FIP that was not adopted from us, you are also welcome to complete the form. We know that this form may be triggering and difficult to complete, so we thank you WHOLEHEARTEDLY in advance.